Becoming a New Patient Becoming a New Patient

We are accepting new patients!  

Please go to the "sign in" tab and navigate to the bottom of the page where it says "create an account." You will then be sent a temporary password to your email address which will allow you to sign in and enter your new patient information. If you are registering an unborn child, enter your expected due date as the date of birth. Our new patient coordinator will contact you within a day or two of your registration. If you have a sick child who needs to be seen today, call the office. If you have a capitated plan for your insurance, please do not change your primary care physician until we have confirmed with you that we have activated your family. 

We recommend that you do not use a phone or iPad to register to minimize data entry errors. Thank you for your interest in Kressly Pediatrics. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Dr. Navarro Patients
If you are a patient of Dr. Navarro's practice and are interested in joining Kressly Pediatrics, here are some things to consider:
1. Please make sure we participate in your insurance
2. Please review our information to see if your family is a good fit for our practice.
3. If ANY of your children has already been seen in our practice for call coverage, please do not create a new account. Instead call the office for additional information.
4. If NONE of your children has ever been seen by our practice, please register here to create an account. 
Thank you!
Thank you for your interest!
New Patient Registration New Patient Registration
You must create an account and sign in before you can register. Please choose the Create Account option at the bottom of the Sign In page.